Spotlight On Daniel Factor, LMFT

Spotlight On Daniel Factor, LMFT

If you follow our blogs, then you are well aware of the VRC Spotlight Series. It is here, where we highlight partners, friends and leaders in the world of recovery. This week, we are proud to showcase West Los Angeles/Century City-based psychotherapist Daniel Factor and his important contributions to the field.


Daniel is a member of the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles Chapter of the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapy (LA-CAMFT) and a Chair of their Somatic Psychotherapy Special Interest Group. With expertise as a trauma therapist, Daniel helps to heal both the emotional scars left by addiction, and the unresolved history, including trauma, which so often leads to addiction behaviors.


Speaking with us, Daniel explained how his work can help long after the recovery process has begun.


“The clients that I see with an addiction history are mostly in the maintenance stage, and have or continue to utilize a12-Step program,” he said, “but they are symptomatic in other ways, with some form of anxiety or depression or social phobia, or a range of Self or relationship or career insecurities, or they just feel stuck in life.”


Daniel added, “At the risk of oversimplifying or overgeneralizing, what these clients commonly report is a sense they can’t quite put there finger on, but it’s there, that something is missing…and as we progress in our work together they come to find a desire to take a next step beyond an identity of ‘recovery’, to move towards what feels like unrealized growth or life potential. Something more wants to come out, but it’s afraid at first, and so it’s hard to start.”


“Often this leads us to unaddressed or unresolved experiences, especially from their family of origin—certainly some from their usage days, but more critically from earlier in life, to those hard experiences that are linked to why their usage began.”


“It’s really a beautifully courageous process, and the rewards are clear while in the journey itself, they show up throughout, and in ways that surprises us. I feel a special privilege to be apart of it, it’s really heartwarming to see it happening, it’s so life affirming.”


Daniel’s site goes on to explain some of the methods he uses to both heal unresolved experiences, while also building on and strengthening internal abilities, which positively shapes his client’s present situations and their futures.


We highly recommend visiting his site for further details on his practice and embracing his message: Therapy for Positive Change.


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