Sober SoCal Weekend: Sept 23-25

Sober SoCal Weekend: Sept 23-25

Boy, are we glad it’s Friday again! After five long days of working hard, we now get a well-deserved break to relax, visit friends and enjoy a host of L.A. activities (without the temptations of drugs or alcohol). That is, and will always be, the mantra behind this ongoing series. Remember, that you do not have to use to have a good time. And as this latest list of ideas illustrates, there are tons of fun, SOBER ways to celebrate a Saturday-Sunday stretch in SoCal.


Don’t forget…If you have upcoming substance-free events you want Valley Recovery Center to mention, shoot us an email at valleyrecoverycenter@gmail.com. Now, on with the list!


The Italian Feast of San Gennaro

Full disclosure: There will be certain vendors that sell wine at this event. BUT, we felt like we had to include the Feast of San Gennaro because its emphasis has always been families, fun and food. This is not a cultural festival built around alcohol. Rather, it is a three-day celebration of the amazing flavors of Italy. There are authentic musicians from the old country, along with rides and kid’s entertainment stations. We recommend going during daylight hours and indulging in the pasta, pizza and hearty calzones made from international chefs. The alcohol stations open up during evening events, so if the temptation is too great, drop by for an afternoon feast and call it a day. Click here to learn more.


Dino Fest

Another great event for families, the Natural History Museum’s Dino Fest highlights everything a “Jurassic Enthusiast” would like to know. World-renowned paleontologists will be on hand, giving lectures and answering questions. There will also be fossil displays and special new dinosaur exhibits that guests can get up close and interact with. Movie fans will get to meet some of the filmmakers behind the Jurassic Park sequels and handle famous props. This event runs all weekend, with ticket prices starting at $12. Click here for more details.


Paramount Pictures ‘After Dark’ Tour

Last week, we mentioned how Halloween activities would be making their way into our SoCal list. Well, on Friday you can get your sober scares on once again at the After Dark Tour on the Paramount Pictures lot. Here, guests will go on a guided tour of the legendary studio; visiting sound stages that are allegedly haunted. Old Hollywood ghost tales will be part of the experience as well, with Paramount historians sharing backstories on creepy classics like The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby. It all culminates with a trip to the famed Hollywood Forever Cemetery and a special private horror movie screening. This outing runs $99 and, truth be told, comes with one champagne glass, which can be swapped out for sparkling water.


Surf City Surf Dog

Perhaps our favorite activity of the weekend (which you can tell by our header picture), Huntington Beach’s Surf City Surf Dog competition is a great way to spend a sober Sunday afternoon. We are big-time animal lovers, so getting the chance to see four-legged friends enjoy themselves on the beach (and the water!) really got us excited. For this event, you can see trained pets take on waves and surf their way onto the shore. There will also be a Canine Expo and PETCO reps on hand, sharing tips on how to properly care and pamper your pets! Click here to learn more.

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