Sober SoCal Weekend: Oct 14-16

Sober SoCal Weekend: Oct 14-16

It’s hard to believe, but we’re just two weeks away from Halloween. So, just like with our previous weekend blogs, we’ve blended a nice amount of spooky Sober SoCal ideas that celebrate the holiday. Starting Friday, you can enjoy a theatre screening of a classic slasher flick, learn how trick-or-treat masks are made, participate in a quirky circus (no creepy clowns, we promise) or do a downtown bike tour. All are great weekend ideas that do not promote the use of drugs and alcohol.


So read on and enjoy! And don’t forget; if you have Sober SoCal Weekend news that you’d like to share, shoot us an email at valleyrecoverycenter@gmail.com. We’ll make sure to include it in our next list!


Halloween: The Movie

Who can forget the 1978 classic, Halloween? This was literally the horror movie that started them all, blending creative filmmaking with a ghoulish psycho killer. The Halloween franchise spawned countless sequels and was the direct inspiration for flicks like Scream and Friday The 13th. Well now, the original movie is being brought back to the big screen for one night only. Santa Monica’s Nuart Theatre is showing it, in its entirety, this Friday at midnight. Tickets are just $11 and it’s not unlikely for surprise guests to show up and introduce the film. Click here for details.


The Art Of Halloween Masks

If you have fond memories of wearing costumes and trick-or-treating, Saturday’s “Art of Halloween Masks” is a definite must. Downtown’s Lethal Amounts Gallery is hosting the exhibit, which will be displaying amazing rubber Halloween artwork dating back to the 1960’s. You can see what went into the earliest masks and hear stories from special effects artists who create state-of-the-art costumes today. As you can tell by this week’s cover photo, we’re BIG fans of this Sober SoCal idea and encourage any festive follower to give it a look. Best of all, the event is absolutely free! To find out more, visit the official gallery site.


Luminal Circus

Keeping somewhat in line with Halloween, Inglewood’s Luminal Circus showcases wild costumes, acrobatics and stunts, all with a special glow-in-the-dark twist. This unique event has won the L.A. critics over for its originality and entertainment value. Guests are treated to  a showcase of outrageous performers doing their gymnastics completely in the dark. Strobe lights, glow sticks and lasers illuminate the acts making for an amazing visual experience. There is also slight of hand and elements of a true magic show. Definitely fun and definitely in the vein of an October night out. These artists recently toured with the L.A. County Fair and deserve this fantastic increased attention. For details on Saturday night’s show, click here.


Sunday CicLAvia

One last sobriety-friendly event is Sunday’s Downtown CicLAvia Bike Tour. This one is completely family-friendly and is great for early weekend risers. Dubbed “Heart of L.A.” it takes cyclists through areas like Chinatown, Boyle Heights and Echo Park. It’s a fantastic tour of historic city districts and can help burn off extra calories. More importantly, it’s the last CicLAvia of the season and a great excuse to soak up what’s left of the fading summer sun. Details for the ride can be found here.




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