Sober SoCal Weekend: Dec 16-18

Sober SoCal Weekend: Dec 16-18

Merriment is all around us this weekend, Valley Recovery Center friends. And so are a lot of temptations, unfortunately. With alcoholic fueled holiday parties and old friends (with bad habits) back in town, now more than ever, it’s important to keep sobriety front and center. That’s why we’re proud to share yet another Sober SoCal Weekend list, highlighting December festivities that do not emphasize addiction. This time out, we’ve plotted out blockbuster movie outings, improv activities, seasonal singalongs and an anniversary afternoon at Griffith Park.


Enjoy! And make sure to send your Sober SoCal ideas to us via email at valleyrecoverycenter@gmail.com.


Star Wars: Rogue One

December is primetime for theatrical blockbusters, particularly because so many people are on vacation and looking to escape the cold. Well this Friday, one of the most anticipated films of the year arrives. Namely… Star Wars: Rogue One. Taking the sci-fi action and adventure of the original trilogy and channeling it into a new storyline, Rogue One is already wowing the critics. It’s also playing in tons of theaters across the southland, which means (even though it’s popular) ticket sales should be readily available throughout the weekend. If you ask us, Rogue One is a great way to step away from a happy hour and enjoy two plus hours of holiday fun.


UCB Comedy Awards

If you follow our Sober SoCal blogs, then you’re well aware of our love of comedy. And this weekend, there is a fantastic outing available that gathers some of the most talented improv troupes in Los Angeles. Upright Citizens’ Brigade (UCB) is holding their It Sucked! comedy awards this Saturday, highlighting some of the year’s wackiest events for a packed theater in Hollywood. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted (thankfully), making this a “clean” show, full of silliness and surprise celebrity guests. Click here for more info.


Music Center Holiday Singalong

Caroling is another great holiday tradition and this Saturday, the Music Center in Downtown LA is holding their annual Holiday Singalong. This event is a great way to unite with family-friendly crowds under the Los Angeles night sky for festive cheer. The Center will have a complete orchestra accompanying anyone who wants to lend their voice and there will be some fantastic selections, ranging from Bing Crosby classics to smash Mariah Carey hits. The Singalong also happens to be completely free (and completely sober-friendly). For more details, click here.


120 Years Of Griffith Park

What would LA be without its historic Griffith Park?  Amazingly, this weekend marks the 120th anniversary of the legendary grounds and there will be a big celebration to honor it. From 3pm to 7pm on Saturday, the Park will be hosting a festive ceremony; which includes free merry-go-round rides, a climbing wall, L.A. Zoo admission, a night hike with the Sierra Club and much more. There will also be tons of live music and historians on hand, sharing memorable facts about the area and its impact on the city. This one is also completely alcohol-free and well worth a visit! Click here for more info.




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