Sober On St. Patrick’s Day

Sober On St. Patrick’s Day

There is no denying that St. Patrick’s Day can be a difficult holiday for anybody in recovery. Though, in theory, it is based upon positive Irish traditions, it’s modern-day themes emphasize beer, debauchery and overindulgence. We at Valley Recovery Center want to offer some sober support for anyone fighting the temptations this March 17 with a few helpful tips.


Block Calls From Negative Influences — You’d be surprised how many “old friends” pop up on your Caller ID during St. Patrick Day. Whether it’s a drinking buddy from your past, a rowdy co-worker or even a family member who wants to blow off some steam at the bar, we recommend skipping the call. Even if you intend to go to a pub sober, there’s too many negative temptations on that night and you’re better off picking a different locale.


Emphasize Ireland’s Positive Offerings — Now if you happen to have Irish blood and want to honor your ancestors that’s all fine and dandy. But why do it at a bar? There are plenty of other Irish traditions to highlight. We recommend finding a quaint cultural restaurant (Yelp helps) for corned beef and cabbage. Or make it a quiet night in, with some DVD flicks starring Liam Neeson. Add a green shirt and you’ll be good to go!


Attend a Meeting — Of course if things just get too hard to bear, we recommend finding support from other people struggling. One of the reasons sobriety meetings are so successful is because they create communities. And believe us, you ARE NOT ALONE when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day sobriety. Thousands of Los Angelenos are in the same boat and would welcome you with open arms at a March 17 Alcoholics Anonymous or 12 Step Meeting. Valley Recovery Center’s door is always open too…even if you just want to stop by to talk.


So the bottom line is: Face March 17 with willpower, strength and a community of caring, sober friends.


VRC Staff