‘Resolutions’ And Recovery

‘Resolutions’ And Recovery

There are many components that go into a successful recovery experience. Yes sober living and detox are essential first steps, but having a proven outpatient center is just as important for those looking to complete the journey. And that’s where Resoultions Therapeutic Services comes in. Based in Santa Monica and accredited by the Joint Commission, they service people overcoming addictions, trauma, as well as mental health issues, and offer a continuum of care that includes day treatment/partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), outpatient (OP) and alumni/after-care support. They also have an incredibly qualified staff of licensed psychologists and board-certified psychiatrists. Interestingly enough, Resolutions was founded by a clinical psychologist, who we had the pleasure of speaking with this week.


Dr. Reza Nabavi, PhD is now in his fifth year running Resolutions and offered some great insights into what makes their program so unique.


“Resolutions began as an outgrowth of my private practice,” he told us. “I’ve always maintained a practice while simultaneously working in trauma, dual diagnoses and primary mental health residential treatment centers. This began as a real organic extension of that. It is owned by myself and my wife, who is also a licensed psychologist, and it is 100% clinically based.”


One of the strengths of the Resolutions experience, as Dr. Nabavi explained, is the fact that it is entirely adaptable to a clients’ specific needs.


“The majority of our clients are exiting residential treatment and coming to us is a step down from that,” he said. “We’ll start with a free initial assessment and then work to create an individualized program for each person. Our program is truly customizable in every way. That’s one of the things that makes us unique.”


Indeed, Resolutions offers a wide variety of flexibility for each client. There are day and evening programs, depending on a person’s schedule. There are also multiple licensed clinicians, each with a unique speciality. Outside of the therapy team, the Resolutions staff includes dieticians, acupuncturists, life coaches, spiritual counselors and more. Dr. Nabavi explained that this works very well with their clientele.


“We see a lot more mature adults than most outpatient programs, which tend to exclusively cater to young clients,” he added. “And we do treat young adults as well. Right now, we have clients in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. We also have a lot of professionals. Among them all, we try to create more homogenous groups; so people can build a community with their peers.”


One other big perk of Resolutions is its beautiful location, just east of the beach. Here are snapshots from their office (which includes a gorgeous ocean view).



Since opening its doors nearly five years ago, Resolutions Therapeutic Services has a built a continuous track record of success. Dr. Nabavi added that he’s extremely proud of the center’s accomplishments and its growing alumni community.


“We really have seen some incredible results,” he said. “Whether its sobriety, trauma resolution, or mental illness remission, our former clients continue to have long-term success. We also do a lot for our alumni. Everything from getting them jobs, to going back to school, to re-establishing their careers. It’s been really rewarding and it’s really nice to see.”


We encourage all of our followers to check out the amazing work happening at Resolutions. Make sure to visit their official site for information on their staff, their history and their amazing treatment programs.



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