Recovery Spotlight On Boxer Boyd Melson

Recovery Spotlight On Boxer Boyd Melson

Every few weeks, we like to shine a spotlight on a local hero (or in this case, a celebrity) who is helping to make strides in the world of addiction. Giving back is such an important part of the healing process and it is something we emphasize as part of our treatment program. That’s why this time out we wanted to make sure to showcase the amazing work of retired boxer Boyd Melson. Nicknamed “The Rainmaker,” he hung up his gloves after an illustrious career in the ring and is now channeling his skills to help those battling addiction.


Back in his home neighborhood of Staten Island, Boyd has begun offering free monthly boxing classes to people struggling with alcoholism and drug dependency. We have often emphasized how important outlets are for people getting over an addiction. Finding a new area to focus your energies is key to a successful recovery regimen. We, ourselves, offer sports related therapies (such as archery and cardio classes) to give our residents a healthier, more productive lifestyle.


In Boyd’s case, boxing is where he gets his volunteers to exert their energies. This past February, he hosted his first class to great success and he’s planning a second one in mid-March. Set at a local gym, Melson teaches essential ring maneuvers and encourages aggressive expression on equipment like punching bags. Another pro boxer, Nicky DeMarco, is also involved, leading training sessions and offering free memberships to his gym.


Interestingly enough, Boyd has never struggled with addiction; but he has had family members deal with the issue. As he explained to a local paper, this endeavor comes straight from the heart and he is excited to provide a safehaven.


“I want to help spread the word,” Melson explained. “I read about how much drugs have affected the Island, and I have family who’ve battled addictions. The goal with these free monthly clinics is to get the men and women battling or recovering from addiction to get hooked on boxing while having it be an avenue to help them overcome.”


And if that weren’t enough reasons to celebrate Boyd as a spotlight candidate, it’s also important to note that he donated 100 percent of his championship winnings from November 2016 to recovery-related charities.


According to reports, Melson’s classes are already a tremendous success. Attendance has been through the roof and several attendees who were interviewed had positive things to say about the experience.


“I talk to young people about getting involved in positive activities once they get out of rehab and they’re back on the street,” Boyd added. “I have a message, and boxing is part of it.”


As we mentioned before, we are big advocates of using physical activity as a way to combat addiction. Recovery is not only meant to ween someone off of an addiction, it helps contribute to an overall healthier lifestyle. To learn more about the unique outlets and therapies we offer as part of our program, reach out at (866) 986-2486.



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