Obama Works To Reduce Sentences For Drug Offenders

Obama Works To Reduce Sentences For Drug Offenders

You’d be surprised how many people have issues with the way that the courts handle drug offenders. Addiction is disease, but often times it is mislabeled and criminalized…to the point where non-violent addicts and thrown into the same prison system as murderers and felons. Well we’re pleased to report that President Barack Obama is taking a stand against these types of injustices, by granting early releases for dozens of unfairly incarcerated individuals.


It is interesting to note that Obama has commuted more sentences than the past six presidents combined (per The Fix).




And he is hoping his administration can do even more to release jailed prisoners with unfairly harsh sentences. According to the Prez, this isn’t just an issue hurting mislabeled addicts. It’s an issue that is hurting taxpayers and society as a whole.


“These are Americans serving time on the kind of outdated sentences that are clogging up our jails and burning through our tax dollars. Simply put, their punishments didn’t fit the crime,” Obama wrote on his Facebook page. “Most of them are low-level drug offenders whose sentences would have been shorter if they were convicted under today’s laws.”


It is hard to believe that a person caught with narcotics, who is genuinely suffering, can be sentenced to decades behind bars. Mr. President clearly believes in the cause and, as we reported previously, is a strong recovery advocate.


“I believe America is a nation of second chances,” he continued. “And with hard work, responsibility, and better choices, people can change their lives and contribute to our society.”

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