MADD Issues Holiday DUI Alert

MADD Issues Holiday DUI Alert

We have praised the Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization (also known as “MADD“) many times in our blogs. Their mission to educate and prevent alcohol-related car accidents has saved countless lives. And this season, they are setting their sights on a new mission: Bringing awareness to holiday DUIs.


Though it may not be widely known, the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s accounts for more drunk driving fatalities than any other time of the year. Whether it’s holiday parties, vacation bar hopping or difficulty maintaining control during colder seasons, there is no denying that addictive tendencies tend to increase during the holidays. And tragically, those judgment lapses led to 891 deaths last year.


MADD is hoping to bring that conversation to the forefront, by pushing through a special awareness movement called Tie One On For Safety. Now in its 32nd year, “Tie One On” has become the org’s longest running and most visible campaign. What they ask, is for drivers to display a special Mothers Against Drunk Driving ribbon in a visible location from now until January 1st.


MADD executive director Jason Frazier recently kicked off a publicity campaign to help spread the word and get people involved.


“Hopefully when we see those ribbons on there as a reminder, people will think twice about getting in a vehicle and drinking and driving,” he told a local news outlet. “We want to make sure people are getting home safe for the holidays.”


Frazier went on to add that their organization is not against people raising a toast and celebrating the holidays. They are simply adamant that those who indulge do not get behind the wheel. And to that point, MADD is also forging partnerships with ride share services like Uber and Lyft.


MADD is also publishing a list of tips on their site, which can help educate others on ways to keep the roads safer over the holidays. This includes instructions for people throwing parties, to ensure that guests all have safe rides home before any alcohol is distributed. They also have recipes for “mocktails” and non-alcoholic options, so designated drivers can enjoy the festivities without being tempted.


We highly recommend visiting the MADD site for the full list of ideas. You can also go to their social media pages for information on how to receive red ribbons for the “Tie One On” initiative. And to their very valid point, please help to encourage sobriety and safety this holiday season.


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