Inmate Offers Inspiring Portrait Of Recovery Behind Bars

Inmate Offers Inspiring Portrait Of Recovery Behind Bars

There is no doubt that we have heard terrible reports about people trying to get clean in America’s prison system. But, every now and then, we come across an inspirational article that highlights former addicts making a positive change behind bars. Inmate Chase Fehrenbach happens to be one of those shining success stories, leading by example at Delaware’s Sussex Correctional Institute (SCI).


Chase admittedly battled a crippling heroin addiction. Though raised in a white-collar middle class family, he became a recreational user and eventually a full-blown junkie. His need for drug money led to armed robbery and, in the end, a long-term stint at SCI.


But, Chase soon rose above it while incarcerated. As he told the local outlet The Dispatch, he has been clean for years and is inspiring his fellow inmates to do the same.


“I was forced to go through the withdrawal motions in here without the opportunity to use again which was exactly what I needed,” Chase explained. “It took me years to actually own my actions and come to terms with it, and I’m still on that journey…. I lecture and we try to get guys to really look at themselves and their addiction because a lot of the time, you become self-aware by looking at yourself and your actions over time, and they often don’t know how to really ‘get there’, so it’s really nice for me to take back the part facilitating their own journey through my own experiences.”


Chase still has several years to go on his 21-year term, but his interview certainly showed him embracing the positive. And though we know he’s not the norm, his work deserves to be recognized.


To read Chase’s full interview, click here.





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