Getting An Addicted Parent Into Treatment

Getting An Addicted Parent Into Treatment

Growing up in a household filled with addiction can be incredibly traumatic. And as a child, there is not much you can do to help a mom or dad who is struggling. But as we become adults ourselves, we can clearly the signs of a parent battling substance abuse. Perhaps they hid it well during your childhood. Perhaps they unleashed horrible drunken ranges. We’ve experienced the entire gamut and know that drugs and alcohol can destroy a loving person. At this stage of the game, however, getting help for a parent is very possible and can contribute to them living longer, fuller and healthier lives.


Step #1: Confrontation

Strangely, even though you may be a full-grown adult, confronting a parent about their addiction can bring you right back to childhood habits. They were, of course, the authority figure in your life growing up and now having to give orders to them can be extremely difficult. Difficult, but not impossible. We recommend presenting them with cold, hard statistics about the damage that their addiction is causing.


When you were a child, we’re sure they explained life lessons in a thorough manner. Now it’s your turn to do the same. Show them the tremendous damage years of alcohol abuse can cause. Explain how “harmless” prescription painkillers can lead to overdoses and death. We know the truth about addiction isn’t pretty and your parent needs to understand that too.


Step #2: Illustrate The Evidence

Much like an intervention, the more ammunition you can bring to this conversation the better. If you have siblings who were impacted by your parent’s addiction, ask them to join in. If you have home movies of them under the influence, examples of missed work, car crash evidence…the list goes on. Bring whatever “evidence” you can to prove your point.


Step #3: Investigate The Best Treatment Program For Your Parent

Treating a senior requires some very different techniques than someone in their 20’s. For one thing, there may actually be necessary medications that they need. There is also a fragility factor and an entirely different type of detoxing treatment. Thankfully, at Valley Recovery Center we have programs for residents of all ages and a fantastic referral system for addicted loved ones who may require an assisted living arrangement.


Once all of the proper steps are taken, you will be amazed at the positive outcome sobriety can bring to your parent. Addiction truly knows no bounds and can just as easily strike someone in their 70’s as someone in their early teens. Just know that there are recovery options for people of all ages.


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