Extended Care

Extended After Care Services Available

At Valley Recovery Center, we know that recovering from addiction is a journey that doesn’t end when our patients leave. We are absolutely committed to making sure that our patients get the support and care they need even after they’ve finished a program here. For this reason, we offer a number of extended care services to everyone who has been a patient here. This care is particularly crucial in the early stages of recovery.

Continue Recovery and Personal Growth

We offer extended care services not because we expect our patients to struggle, but because we know that things of out of our control often arise. Life outside of treatment can pose many unexpected challenges, and it’s important that our former patients have a support system they can turn to for help. Our services will help them continue their recovery and personal growth, and it will also help them develop tools to handle new challenges.

Wide Range of Treatments Available

The extended care we provide is quite similar to some of the services we offer residential patients. This includes one on one therapy, group therapy, post-acute withdrawal treatment, medication management, and ongoing personalized treatment planning. These programs all work together to put patients in the best position possible for recovery outside of residential treatment.

If you think you are ready to make Valley Recovery Center the right solution for you, have one of our specialists contact you today.

Develop Coping Skills

Individuals with a dual diagnosis (i.e. addiction along with other mental health issues) can really benefit from these extended services. The challenges that a personality disorder presents can contribute to addictive behaviors, so it’s imperative that those in recovery seek to manage and treat their mental health issues. Our extended care programs help patients develop coping skills and manage any necessary medication.

Our Goal is your Recovery

We offer these programs because the well-being of our patients is our main concern, and that concern never goes away. Our goal at Valley Recovery Center is to provide a place where patients can heal and recover in a supportive environment, so that they return to their families and communities to live healthy and positive lives. Our extended services are a critical part of fulfilling that goal, because the biggest challenges our patients face happen outside of the treatment center.

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If you think you are ready to make Valley Recovery Center the right solution for you, have one of our specialists contact you today.

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