Domestic Violence And Addiction

Domestic Violence And Addiction

We understand that there are certain addiction-related topics that are very difficult to talk about. And, unfortunately, domestic violence happens to be one of them. It’s sad to say, but more often than not abusive spouses have some sort of dependency on drugs or alcohol. There are certainly psychological reasons for this, which we’ll explore in this blog. There are also statistics. Scary ones. Like the fact that 61 percent of domestic offenders have addiction problems. Even worse; those who are using when the abuse is taking place, tend to be more violent and cause more damage. The good news is, a strong recovery program can help.


1) Defining the Domestic Violence

First off, it’s important to understand that domestic violence extends far beyond a punch or a kick. If a person in your home is using intimidation, forcing sex upon someone, destroying household items or hurting pets, THIS ALL CLASSIFIES AS ABUSE.  It can be a spouse, it can be a sibling, it can even be a parent…Whoever is on the receiving end of the pain deserves justice. And if drugs or alcohol are contributing, the first thing that needs to be done is getting the abuser outside and into treatment.


When it comes to addiction and recovery, Safety is always our number one concern. We want to make sure the person using isn’t hurting others or themselves. If a situation like what we described above is happening, it is important to immediately seek out help. Our recovery line (866-986-2486) is available 24 hours a day for consultations and interventions. But more importantly, never forget the power of 911. If the addicted family member needs to spend some time in jail, so be it. Remove them, create a safe space for yourself, then sort out the treatment issues.


We will tell you this. Without a proper recovery and treatment plan, the cycle almost always continues.


2) How Addiction Comes Into Play

You may be surprised to read this, but often times in abusive relationships both parties struggle with addiction. In fact, a recent Memphis study revealed that 42 percent of victims involved in the state’s domestic violence cases were using the day that the incident occurred. Sadly, if the victim is addicted as well, they may be more timid to reach out for help. There is a fear there that they could also go to jail, if the police figure out that they abuse illicit substances. This is a common and tragic mistake because it prevents both people from receiving the help they need.


From a psychological standpoint, “Control” figures heavily into the equation. Studies have shown that abusers attack people close to them because they want to feel a sense of control in their lives. As we all know, drugs and alcohol often create a loss of control, which can trigger frustration and the need for domination. There are also judgment lapses, blackouts and behavior that is a 180-degree difference from the person’s normal functioning.


At Valley Recovery Center, we have specialized therapies to explore these deep-rooted feelings. We also have people who have been in the same situation and managed to pull themselves free. Domestic violence is a VERY SERIOUS consequence of addiction and one that NO ONE SHOULD TAKE LIGHTLY. As we mentioned before, if you or a loved one is dealing with this, reach out to your local law enforcement agency or call us at (866-986-2486). We have seen this many times before and know all of the proper methods to get clean.



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