Chipotle Exec Facing Years In Prison Over Drug Arrest

Chipotle Exec Facing Years In Prison Over Drug Arrest

The Chipotle Mexican food chain has certainly had its share of problems in recent months. First there were accusations of e-coli poisonings in the food and now, a senior executive at the company is facing felony drug charges.


Mark Crumpacker is Chipotle’s Chief Creative Officer and has spent over seven years with the brand. Back in May, New York DEA officers began building a pretty significant case against him, which ultimately led to seven counts of cocaine possession.


Crumpacker turned himself in to authorities this month and later bailed out at $4,500. He was accused of being one of 18 “repeat customers” of a narcotics shipping service centered in Manhattan. Wiretaps showed Crumpacker ordering drugs and spending nearly $3,000 on deliveries.


Chipotle was quick to issue a response, stating:


“We are aware that Mark presented himself to authorities earlier today. He remains on a leave of absence from his job to focus on these personal matters.”


This once again proves our point that even the most successful people can struggle with crippling addictions. We hope Crumpacker gets the help he needs and that the so-called “easy cocaine delivery service” gets a permanent shut down.

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