Let Valley Recovery Center, servicing Chatsworth, CA area; give you a strong upper hand in your battle in addition. Our team of professionals strives to create an environment of warmth, structure, genuine concern and care to aid our clients in a successful recovery. Don’t fight your addiction alone anymore, without a strong support system, proper treatment and guidance you will go down the path of no success or relapse. Our team of professional experts use advanced methods that has been proven to resolve the root cause of drug and alcohol addiction.

You will only experience excellent comprehensive and individualized treatment. You will begin the path to recovery in a healing environment with high privacy standards and every resourced needed to a successful healing process. Our treatment plan programs ensure that all appropriate levels of care are based on individual’s specific needs. Our team is completely dedicated to all their clients to have a positive and successful recovery outcome from drug, gambling or alcohol addiction.

Our team at Valley Recovery Center for men strives to provide a strong chain of support to aid in the achievement of recovery from drugs and alcohol. The advanced methods we use have been proven to have high success rates in resolving root issues and having a successful recovery process. Our programs are designed with the highest standards and are individualized to meet your specific rehabilitation needs.

Our program includes group counseling, individual counseling, family counseling, recreational activities and more. Valley also has a 30-day, 60-day, 90 or more days program designed both drug and alcohol addiction in addition to gambling problems and detox programs. Our staff believes firmly in supporting, helping and giving proper care to all individuals in our program. Come to Valley Recovery Center for men and begin a new chapter in your life.