Beverly Hills

Do you or someone you know have an addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling and you are looking for a exceptional treatment center that can help? If you answered “yes” then Valley Recovery Center for men servicing Beverly Hills, CA is the treatment center you are looking for. Valley Recovery Center for men takes a specific therapeutic and rehabilitation approach to get to the cause of the addiction. Our experts believe getting to the root of your addiction will give you a successful recovery.

Our programs are designed with the highest standards and are individualized to meet your specific rehabilitation needs whether it is alcohol, drugs, gambling or detox treatment. We believe the most effective way in helping someone with their addiction is to heal the underlying cause. Our staff and professional experts have been successful in healing many men from their addictions. Our advanced methods have been proven to help many men with their addiction and physiologically as well.

We offer many tools and ways to help aid in your successful path in recovery. Our program includes group counseling, individual counseling, family counseling, recreational activities and more. We also have a 30-day, 60-day, 90 or more day’s program designed for many different issues. Our 30-day program is the silver standard treatment, which is a short-term option for men who need comprehensive treatment on alcohol dependency, drug dependency, eat disorders, trauma, PSTD, sexual abuse and anxiety disorders.

Our staff and experts at Valley Recovery Center for men strive to care for our clients during their difficult time of early recovery in drugs, gambling and alcohol. In the beginning process of recovery for you and your family can be overwhelming. Having a strong support system that can help and give guidance makes the process less overwhelming. That is way we strive to provide our clients and their families such personal attention to help in the recovery process.