‘Being Charlie’ Film Sheds Light On Addiction

‘Being Charlie’ Film Sheds Light On Addiction

It’s summer blockbuster time again, which means more Iron Man and Pixar flicks at the cineplex. But buried within the slew of big budget spectacles is the moving film Being Charlie, which offers an open and personal look at addiction.


Charlie is directed by famed moviemaker Rob Reiner and mirrors many events in his own life. The main character is based on Reiner’s own son, Nick, and faces some tremendous struggles with drug and alcohol dependency. Though the son of a prominent politician, Nick (the movie character) finds himself in multiple rehab facilities and ultimately homeless throughout the course of the film.


Nick Reiner admitted to People Magazine that he went through similar struggles, despite having a famous dad.


“If I wanted to do it my way and not go to the programs they were suggesting, then I had to be homeless,” he explained. “I was homeless in Maine. I was homeless in New Jersey. I was homeless in Texas. I spent nights on the street. I spent weeks on the street. It was not fun.”


So far, Being Charlie is receiving wide acclaim for its performances and heart-wrenching storyline. We’re just hopeful it doesn’t get buried amid the Marvel madness happening at the cineplex.


To find out more about Being Charlie, visit the official movie site.


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