Before And After Sobriety

Before And After Sobriety

Often times, when you think of the terms “before and after” and “addiction,” you expect to see mug shots of people who have been ravaged by alcohol and drug abuse. Well recently, Britain’s Daily Mail publication did a nice flip of the format, offering a gallery of people who’s look and health had improved AFTER reaching sobriety. To help add a little motivation to our blog stream, we thought we’d share their inspirational photos, along with the success stories behind each personality.


Prkle hails from the UK and had been a self-admitted “raging alcoholic.” As you can see by her selfies, skin problems and wrinkles slipped away after a few months of sobriety.



Reddit user Hannafr showed a dramatic weight loss after letting go of the bottle. As she proudly wrote in one of her posts, “I got 99 problems and 99 days sober. Drinking is just one of those problems, but it’s a much quieter one now.”



Brittany Suzanne shared her inspirational story with the Daily Mail, touting eight and a half months of sobriety. She too slimmed down after giving up alcohol, by a total of 35 pounds. Brittany also revealed that she regularly attends recovery meetings and works to inspire others.



And no, it is not only women who used the Mail to share their pics. Conor proudly used his mug shot as a “Before” picture, emphasizing how much healthier and happier he feels with 155 days of sobriety. As you can see above, addiction often not only leads to weight gain, but bruises and bumps (usually from rage-driven physical altercations).



Daniel used Instagram to flaunt his sobriety and his new way of looking at life. As you can see by the pictures, not only did letting go of his addiction cause him to lose weight, it turned his professional life around. Dan admittedly did not have much direction when abusing alcohol. Now he says he’s focused and climbing up the corporate ladder.



An anonymous Daily Mail reader who goes by L.S. shared these inspiring back to back photos. He claims to have spent decades abusing the bottle and is a shining example of someone who was able to successfully get sober later in life. One point that he emphasized was the thousands of dollars that he’s been saving since cutting his habit.



And finally, there’s Matteo who is proudly wearing the same outfit after 18 months of sobriety. You can certainly see a big difference in his appearance. He also adding some moving words to his social media post, specifically calling out the depressed feelings he had while using.


“A lot, a lot, a lot has changed in just a year and a half. I’m very thankful to myself for going down this difficult road. And future-me is happy that I’m still not drinking today. I’m thankful I didn’t drive off the St. John’s bridge when it was most tempting.”


Hopefully these pics will continue to inspire. And, in your own life, if you feel the need to document your recovery journey than more power to you! We are proud to support this process and have seen some incredible firsthand transformations. To learn how Valley Recovery Center can help, reach out at (866) 986-2486.


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