An Interview With Recovery Advocate Stephen Henriques

An Interview With Recovery Advocate Stephen Henriques

We love getting the opportunity to speak with leaders in our field. Whether it’s an impassioned attorney or, in the case of Stephen Henriques, a veteran addiction and trauma coach; conversations like this can lead to fantastic learnings and shared experiences.


Stephen recently spoke to us via phone and provided quite a bit of insight about the industry and his role in it throughout the past decade. Currently the founder and head of The Parallax Solution, his work helps to build empowerment, reduce emotional/physical abuse and ultimately heal the effects of those ravaged with addiction. And, as he told us, he’s more than qualified for the job.


“I will tell you, it’s my own history that brought me to this field. I got my own act together 10 years ago. I ultimately left Wall Street to help others who were not able to help themselves.”


Today, he has gained the respect of many of his peers for his unflinching commitment to the cause. Stephen has referred several of his clients to Valley Recovery Center, partially because of our gender-specific household.


“I try to get a lot of the men I work with to a place that accommodate them,” he said. “And Valley Recovery Center is at the top of my list.”


Always humble, Henriques didn’t go into detail about the amount of people he’s helped beat their addictions; but admitted he’s got some “good stats.”


“Someone gave me a statistic the other day about the successes of Parallax,” he added. “My stats are pretty good, but it’s nothing I want to rest my laurels on. I intend to always help people continue on a better path in their life, without the use of drugs and alcohol.”


One other interesting note, was Stephen’s observation of the industry as a whole and how it has gone in a much more positive direction in recent years.


“There is a much greater awareness of our universe now. It’s making it to the front page of important newspapers and magazines. I am hopeful that leads even more people struggling to go out and seek help.”


To learn more about Stephen and his practice, visit his official LinkedIn page.


VRC Staff