Addiction-Related Children’s Book Pulled From Shelves

Addiction-Related Children’s Book Pulled From Shelves

We know that addiction can be a touchy subject, especially when it comes to kids. But we also know that is present in many families and, sadly, many adolescents are exposed to it at an early age. That was the concept behind children’s author Kate Messner’s new book The Seventh Wish, which was just recently pulled from several shelves.


Messner is actually very accomplished in the field of children’s writing. She has written more than two dozen stories for kids and teens, though this is her first foray into the topic of addiction.


For the record, The Seventh Wish isn’t graphic by any means and uses symbolism to illustrate a heroin habit within a young girl’s family. But censors across Messner’s region of South Burlington Vermont were staunchly against it, blocking it from shelves and pushing to cancel Messner’s public appearances.


“I’m shocked. I didn’t expect this,” she told a local outlet. “I’m not that author who writes books that get censored. It’s just stunning to me. It’s a sad, strange place to be.”


Messner went on to explain that the book was based on real life experiences and has gotten praise from many other circles across the U.S. The children’s outlet Kirkus Reviews called it “hopeful, empathetic and enlightening.”


We, for one, admire Kate’s bravery and for handling a sensitive children’s topic in a tasteful and respectful way.


You can find out more about The Seventh Wish by clicking here.

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