Addiction Article Recap: Week Of Oct 31

Addiction Article Recap: Week Of Oct 31

This is certainly an eventful seven days in the news cycle. Not only does it include the festive Halloween holiday, it also marks the first week of November. As per usual, our job is to zero in on the addiction and recovery stories making waves (particularly the ones that don’t always get the attention that they deserve). This time out, we’ve identified three important pieces that touch upon celebrity, sobriety and, interestingly enough, a bit of comedy.


Enjoy these quick news bites and, as always, please give us a shout out at valleyrecoverycenter@gmail.com if you happen to run across anything we’ve missed!


Headline #1: Macklemore Video Tackles Addiction

We’ve been singing the praises of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for quite some time now. The innovative hip-hop star has been part of our Music Monday series and received blog coverage for his work with President Obama. This week, he’s taken his recovery advocacy one step further by releasing a music video directly tackling the subject of addiction. His “Drug Dealer” clip runs just three and a half minutes, but packs a very powerful punch. In it, the rapper is seen lying a mattress littered with drugs. Though difficult to watch, it offers a gritty portrait of a man battling opioid dependency and going through a wide range of emotions. His lyrics are just as powerful, drawing a clear portrait of how deadly this epidemic actually is. Singer Ariana Deboo features into the clip as well, drowning in a sea of red and white pills. If you haven’t seen “Drug Dealer,” we definitely think it’s worth a watch. Just take some deep breaths before clicking “Play.”


Headline #2: Sober Tailgating

With football season in full effect, the temptations are stronger than ever to “down beers” and watch the games. Well, in Louisiana one group is hoping to change that perception with sober tailgating. Recovery First Tailgaters is the brainchild of Dwayne Beason, a die-hard pigskin fan, who is also former alcoholic. Speaking with TheFix.com, he described his passion for this project and how it came to be.  “I grew up in South Louisiana and my grandfather was a huge LSU fan. He had a Winnebago and we’d get up early and drive to all the home games. We’d pack up the motor home, bring stuff to cook, and nobody was in recovery then so there was a lot of alcohol.” Beason went on to add that the alcohol took him to very dark places. “I got kicked out of my hometown. I was drinking, drugging, smuggling and dealing crack cocaine. I was always a smidge away from getting caught.” So, he set up sober tailgating tents at local games and soon extended the initiative to other regions. His stations include water, healthy food and supportive staff members who encourage sobriety. A major touchdown for recovery advocates everywhere.


Headline #3: John Oliver’s Harsh Opioid Stance

And on somewhat of a lighter note, we were very amused with comedian John Oliver’s recent rant on the nation’s opioid epidemic and the governmental flaws that are continuing to further it. Though he certainly earns his laughs with this piece, the story is very serious and is now going viral. We applaud John for bringing this topic to his popular Last Week Tonight show and encourage our fans to watch the entire segment below.


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