Addiction Article Recap: Week Of Dec 19

Addiction Article Recap: Week Of Dec 19

The countdown to next year has begun. And before we say goodbye to 2016, it’s important to take a hard look at the addiction stories that are continuing to shape headlines now. This week, topics like heroin and opioids are continuing to make waves. But there is encouraging news too, particularly about a groundbreaking new recovery app and potential awareness campaigns in 2017. So without further ado, here are the Addiction Article Recap tidbits to keep in mind before the holiday cheer.


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Headline #1: ‘Anglestrong’ Recovery App

We always appreciate celebrities that speak out about the dangers of addiction. But when they take their clout one step forward and actually contribute to the cause, well that’s even more enlightening. This week, WWE star Kurt Angle did just that. Speaking to TheFix.com, the iconic wrestler shared news about his “Anglestrong” recovery app. This unique smartphone download bears his name and his support. It is set to be released on January 15 and will cost users approximately $1 per day. It includes communication tools, reports and surveys. Plus, it requires users to check in daily to assure they’re keeping up with their treatment regimen. Family members and friends are encouraged to participate too, keeping tabs on their loved ones with GPS tracking technology. “We’re very excited about this app and  want the families to join in too because studies have shown that recovering addicts relapse or overdose, or both, when they’re isolated,” Angle told the outlet. “You have to check into this app every day. If you don’t check in, your family’s notified. So at least your family knows, without being overbearing, how you’re doing.” That’s certainly a step in the right direction and a nice move on Kurt’s part, since he himself had a very public battle with painkillers. Keep you eye on the app store this January 15!


Headline #2: Delaware To Launch Addiction Prevention Campaign

The state of Delaware recently faced a tough statistic. According to a recent report, they rank #1 for the rate at which doctors prescribe high-dose opioids. So what’s the next step? Launch an addiction awareness campaign. We’re very proud of the local officials for stepping up to the plate and acknowledging the problem. According to reports, Delaware plans to spend $250,000 on educational community outreach programs aimed at prescribers, residents and the community at large. “I think there’s a consensus among the prescribing community that we have an issue in Delaware,” director of the state Division of Public Health, Dr. Karyl Rattay, said. “We know that public education has to be an important piece of tackling the addiction epidemic.” Kudos to those in charge and let’s hope it helps bring those numbers down!


Headline #3: Doctor Writes Children’s Book About Addiction

The next time you’re on Amazon.com, type the words How The Birds Stop Singing into the search bar. You’ll happen to come across an inspirational new pre-teen book aimed at addiction education. Ohio physician Dr. Jamile Wakin-Fleming authored Birds, with the intent of having it shared in local schools and libraries. Using illustrations and a gentler tone, the book discusses the dangers of heroin abuse and alcoholism. As Dr. Wakin-Fleming told a local Cleveland outlet, the goal is to scare kids straight before they begin using. “Before they start, I want them to know what they’re getting themselves into,” she explained. “Education, education, education. They need to know about these things.” As we mentioned before, if you don’t happen to live in Cleveland, the book is readily available on Amazon.com.



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