Sun Valley

Our alcohol, drug, gambling rehab and detox treatment center; is designed with the highest standards for quality care, which will meet all specific rehabilitation needs. At Valley Recovery Center in Newhall for men; we understand that people need help and guidance to overcome issues that are bringing them down in life. So we strive to create an environment of warmth, structure, genuine concern and care to aid our clients in a successful recovery. Don’t fight your addiction alone anymore, without a strong support system, proper treatment and guidance; you will go down the path of no success or have relapse occur.

Our facility has several different programs; which include alcohol, drug, and gambling rehab and detox treatment for men. Each of these programs offers our clients a 30-day, 60-day and 90+ day program to choose from. When entering our rehab program you will have an evaluation; this will make sure you get the right treatment plan fit for you. Generally, and if necessary, our clients will have to undergo detox phase to begin their rehabilitation path.

Our team of experts believe to have a sustainable success in recovery is the root issue must be resolved. When the root issues are not resolved it can lead to failure in a successful recovery. Our alcohol, drug, gambling rehab and detox treatment center will help prevent relapse and achievement in a successful recovery. With our treatment options and methods are designed to treat a variety of circumstances with standardized and individualized treatment plans. The individual treatment plans will guide and help you to a successful recovery path. Our recovery center for men strives to give each individual the personal attention they need to succeed.