El Segundo

Do you have an issue in your life that is causing problems, destroying your family, dragging you down or simply made you hit rock bottom? If you said “yes” then we at Valley Recovery Center, servicing El Segundo, CA, can help you to take back control of your life. Asking for help can be the most hardest and critical step you take to change the path you are taking. For men who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction this can be the most difficult step they take to the path of recovery.

Our team understands that this step is the most difficult and has helped many to take that step. We understand that life can be hard at times be we are here to help, support and guide you to recovery giving you a stronger foot hold through your path of life. Our expert team is truly supportive, caring, experienced professionals who worked hard with you in your recovery path. All members of our staff are dedicated, warm and genuinely concerned in the recovery of all our clients.

At Valley Recovery Center, we strive to provide a strong chain of support. We know with a strong support chain you will have a successful achievement in recovery. No matter what you are battling we will always treat you with dignity, respect and patience. Our team is committed in all aspects of our client’s treatment and providing exceptional care. The highest standard of quality treatment is only offered. Whether you need alcohol, drug, gambling rehab or a detox treatment; the environment will always be warm, caring, respectful and understanding.

Our facility has a multitude of programs; which include alcohol, drug, gambling rehab and detox treatment for men. Each program offers a 30-day program, 60-day program and 90+ day program. Upon entering the rehab program you will be assessed through an evaluation to make sure you get the right treatment plan fit for you. The 90+ day program are generally chosen for men who are heavily addicted and need long-term treatment. Generally, and if necessary, the individual will first go through a detox phase.

Our team is dedicated and focuses on the rehabilitation process to ensure all elements are addressed during treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. We firmly believe that out methods is a strong foundation for a great chance for success. Our team to always give the unsurpassed care and attention to all our clients to aid in a successful recovery