Here at Valley Recovery Center for men we take our time to access your specific needs through an evaluation, which is used to create the right treatment plan specific for all the different addictions we cater to such as alcohol, drug, gambling and detox treatment. We take a specific therapeutic and rehabilitation approach to get to the cause of your crippling addiction. Our experts believe getting to the root of your addiction will give you a successful recovery and aid you in moving forward in a positive manner in your life.

The alcohol, drug and gambling rehab services are created with high standards, which aids in individualized treatment plan that will meet your specific rehabilitation needs. Our team believes the most effective way in helping a client with their addiction is to heal the underlying cause. Our team of professional experts has been successful in helping many men to full recovery. Our team of experts uses advanced methods that are proven to help many different addictions and physiological conditions.

We offer many tools and ways to help aid in your successful path in recovery. Our program includes group counseling, individual counseling, family counseling, recreational activities and more. Our staff and experts strive to care for our clients in Arcadia, CA during their difficult time of early recovery. In the beginning process of recovery of drug, alcohol or gambling it can be overwhelming and confusing time for you and your family.

That is way we strive to provide our clients and their families such personal attention to help in the recovery process of drugs, alcohol and gambling. Our team will give you and your family the support, knowledge, guidance and comfort to make your recovery process easier. Through your whole process of recovery you will have several types of counseling, activities, therapy and case management to ensure a successful recovery. Our team here at Valley Recovery Center guarantees to always give the unsurpassed care and attention to all our clients to aid in a successful recovery.