Here at Valley Recovery Center at Newhall, our professional experts have been extremely successful in helping and healing many individuals. We offer many different ways of therapy, which are done by individual counseling, family counseling, group counseling, recreational activities and more. We know what causes addictions and because of this we can heal your dependency.  There will be a personalized and customized treatment plan set for your specific needs whether it is alcohol, drug, gambling or detox treatment.

Our recovery center for men strive to give each individual the personal attention they need to succeed in their alcohol, drug, gambling and detox treatments from our professional experts for the right treatment plan. Our professionals know that the most effective way to help an individual with an addiction and will help heal the underlying issue or issues that cause it. Along with all the counseling there will be medication management supervised through a physician or psychiatrist therapy, which will help you not to go into relapse.

Our facility has a multitude of programs; which include Alcohol, Drug, Gambling Rehab and Detox Treatment Center which all service Alhambra, CA men. Each program offers a 30-day program, 60-day program and a 90+ day program. Upon entering these rehab programs you will be assessed through an evaluation to make sure you get the right treatment plan fit for you. The 90+ day programs are generally chosen for men who are heavily addicted and need long-term treatment. Generally, and if necessary, the individual will first go through a detox phase.

Our team at Valley Recovery Center believe that recreational activities helps an individual to have positive ambition and to have a natural occurrence of endorphins from their system. Recreational activities include working out, martial arts, volunteering, excursions and much more. We are fully confident that getting the individual out into the world in a positive manner will give them a sense of purpose and connection. Our staff believes firmly in supporting, helping and giving proper care to all individuals in our program. Whether you need alcohol, drug, gambling rehab or a detox treatment; we offer all of our services to Alhambra, CA men and assist them in beginning a new day, which ultimately lets them free and changes their lives for the better.