2016 Year In Review

2016 Year In Review

It’s hard to believe, but 2017 is right around the corner. And before we begin the next amazing journey of Valley Recovery Center, we want to reflect a little bit on the past 12 months.


2016 offered some major milestones for our business. We introduced some groundbreaking new therapies, had some fantastic hires, hosted exciting events, celebrated our one year anniversary and MOST IMPORTANTLY, helped our patients get sober. That, of course, is the ultimate goal of Valley Recovery Center. We are incredibly proud of the progress everyone who has passed through our doors has made. Whether it was an issue with alcoholism, a drug addiction, a gambling problem or what have you. We thrive by giving these people their lives back and creating positive experiences that steer them away from using.


Now, for a look back at our memorable 2016 moments…


Innovative Treatment Methods


In 2016, we began introducing some innovative (and very successful) new therapies for our patients. Wolf Therapy, for example, gives our residents the opportunity to bond with sensitive animals, soothing the feeling of loss. Archery proved to be another positive 2016 practice, creating a rewarding sense of focus and discipline. We also put a stronger emphasis on our Music Therapy program, utilizing the talents of the amazing Marlee Simon. Her sessions have not only gotten our patients into a positive state of mind, they’ve turned them into accomplished songwriters and lyricists!


New Members Of The Team


This year, we also added some amazing news members to the Valley Recovery Center family. Nutritionists  David Wiss MS RDN and Kristie Moore MS RDN have done wonders for our patients’ diets and detox treatments They brought years of the experience to the role and completely re-imagined the menus and eating regimens of people in our programs.


We also brought the extremely talented Pamela M. Hayes to our team, as one of our ongoing therapists. With a diverse and educated background, she’s been able to contribute to our art program and address issues like anxiety, depression, and grief.


All of the 2016 new hires have received tremendous feedback and we look forward to expanding the “family” even more in the months to come!


Exciting 2016 Events

Another big pleasure this year was being able to attend (and throw) some fantastic events that celebrate sobriety. Throughout the past 12 months, we have also traveled across the U.S. to seminars, lectures and conferences discussing the state of our industry. Fantastic insights were picked up that we have been working into each VRC regimen.



Here are a few of the “heroes” we had the pleasure of bonding with. Advocates like Bob Forrest, Robert Teitelbaum, Jeff Schlund, Michelle Friedman and Dr. Thor Reyes (who is now proudly part of the team).



And let’s not forget about the Innovations In Recovery conference we proudly participated in, our charity basketball game celebrating sobriety and our One Year Anniversary celebration, which brought together industry partners from across the state!


Of course, none of this would have been possible without the people who have supported us this year. We are so honored to have built a strong network of recovery advocates and look forward to making even more industry strides in the months to come.


Thanks again to everyone and Happy New Year from Valley Recovery Center!




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