‘Wrestling’ With Sobriety

‘Wrestling’ With Sobriety

It’s no secret that addiction has run rampant in the professional wrestling community. Painkiller dependency and alcoholism are commonplace and have even led to some untimely deaths. But on the flipside, several stars of the WWE and other organizations have become sobriety success stories. One particular example is legendary ring king Jake “The Snake” Roberts.


Roberts spent five decades as a professional wrestler, gaining international stardom and the adoration of millions. But behind-the-scenes, he was hiding a painful alcoholism addiction that nearly took his life. The recent documentary, Resurrection of Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, delved into his abuse problems and his journey to sobriety.


One year after its release, Roberts is still happily clean and spoke with Fox Sports about his new life as a recovery advocate.


“The feedback from the movie was awesome,” he explained. “I’m going into bars and speaking in bars and watching people push their drink back because I’m hitting home on them. We’ve been able to help a few people on their way to sobriety. We pull people out the bar scene, sit down with them and have a serious talk about addiction. It’s awesome. That’s what I’m here for. These are my people, man. These are the ones I was supposed to be here for.”


To learn more about Robert’s journey to sobriety, check out his amazing 2015 doc.



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