Watching A Loved One Battle Addiction

Watching A Loved One Battle Addiction

There is no denying that drug abuse is hard on everyone. It can be devastating for the person battling the addiction and it can be just as bad for their parents, children and spouses. We’ve seen this kind of pain firsthand and, in response, were pleased to run across a new program being instated in South New Jersey.


The Salem County Police Department recently started a community outreach program specifically geared towards loved ones of drug abusers. Once a month, they open their doors for group discussions about addiction and guidance on how to combat a struggling family member.


“This is for the family to support those who watched their kids, brothers, sisters, who’ve battled this increasing epidemic,” Officer Joe Racite told NJ.com. “You see a lot of addicts steal from relatives — it affects everyone differently. These parents what wants best for their kids, but they see them relapse over, and over, again.”


Indeed, addictive behavior can lead to theft, violence, deception and outbursts between family members. It is important to understand that this isn’t the relative you know and love…it’s their habit getting the best of them. Forgiveness can be a difficult thing in these situations, especially if the behavior does not change. But it is important to not give up on the person struggling and to see them through a proper treatment program.


At Valley Recovery Center, we are happy to counsel family members (particularly if it has to do with resistance to treatment). If someone you love is struggling, reach out to us at 866-986-2486. Because happy families is what we’re all about.

VRC Staff