UCLA Frats Ban All Parties With Alcohol

UCLA Frats Ban All Parties With Alcohol

If you follow our blogs, then you probably see us sharing addiction-related news from countries throughout the world. But it’s those stories from our own California backyard that always capture our attention most. And this week, the UCLA campus made major headlines by taking an aggressive step to combat alcoholism and binge drinking among their students. Effective immediately, the school has banned all booze from its fraternity events.


The decision was made and agreed upon by the UCLA Interfraternity Council (or IFC), which includes 22 frats across the university. As the IFC put it, this movement is meant to “better follow the school’s ethical standards” and set a good example for other California colleges.


“This ban is a collective effort on behalf of IFC leadership to provide an environment where UCLA’s True Bruin Values are upheld.” the official statement read. “True Bruin Values are ethical standards including respect, accountability, integrity, service and excellence. We are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of those present at IFC chapter activities.”


Nationally, UCLA had not been one of the big schools singled out for excessive frat binge drinking.  Universities like Penn State, LSU, Florida State and Texas State have been put under the microscope in recent months following the alcohol-related “hazing” deaths of several freshmen.


Their local Daily Bruin paper, however, did single out a recent incident that may have prompted the move. Though not confirmed, the outlet alleges that a drunken January frat party led to a possible sexual assault. As you may recall, we reported heavily on the similar Stanford incident that created viral outrage.


The Bruin went on to say that the UCLA IFC had made efforts to fight against binge drinking and hazing, instituting mandatory sensitivity training and three strikes initiatives against problematic frats.


Now it appears as though they are taking a much harsher stance, which happens to have the full support of the university.  UCLA, itself, released a statement following the IFC’s declaration, calling the move “a step in the right direction to strengthen the safety within the community.”


We are certainly supportive of the move and are completely sympathetic to the extreme dangers of college drinking. Not only is it harmful (and potentially deadly) for the young students who overindulge, it has also clearly led to violence and serious sexual misconduct on campuses throughout the country. Let’s hope more schools across the U.S. follow suit, by aggressively taking underage alcohol abuse out of their fraternity systems.


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