TV Figures Crack Down On Crooked Recovery Clinics

TV Figures Crack Down On Crooked Recovery Clinics

It’s a terrible fact, but in our recovery industry (just like all others) there are unscrupulous characters concerned more about profits than actually helping people. And as the opioid crisis continues to plague the country, more and more of these crooked facilities are popping up, offering to “heal” but doing nothing of the sort. The situation has gotten so bad, that media figures like Dr. Mehmet Oz are making a habit of exposing them.


Oz’s The Dr. Oz Show, which airs daily in syndication, recently devoted an entire episode to “shady rehab centers” (as they put it). Oz specifically singled out Florida, labeling it “America’s rehab capital.” Indeed many of the most horrific recovery scams do appear to come out of that state, particularly within the southern region.


The pattern appears to follow a general facade of a recovery facility, complete with staff and treatment regimens. But in reality many have turned out to be drug dens, enabling the bad habits and pulling deceitful insurance scams to collect money. Often times patients are sent by their parents or loved ones, only to find themselves worsening their habits and, in several instances, suffering fatal overdoses.


“What is popping up now, is taking an individual and reducing them to a dollar figure,”Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg told Dr. Oz. “It’s just sick. Parents will too often send their children down here to get help, and then the only time they leave is in a body bag.”


Incredibly, the people who run many of these facilities encourage their patients to use and fail drug tests. Due to specific loopholes they’ve figured out, failed drug tests can translate to longer stays and more insurance payouts. The testing itself can be a mini cash cow for the facilitators and has been shown to be one of the leading profit sources for crooked sober living homes.


In a particularly emotional moment, Dr. Oz brought on a parent who lost her child in one of these facilities. Jennifer Flory’s 24-year-old daughter overdosed in the bedroom of her treatment center after a night of partying with staff members. And to make matters even worse, no one from the home bothered to contact Jennifer after the fatality and, according to her, still aren’t providing answers to today.


“They allow drug use, just as long as you attend your treatment sessions and they can continue to make money off of you,” she said. “It’s all about greed and money, not helping people. I actually have never heard from the facility themselves or the sober home operator. A friend of hers that was there, that got high with her that night, called me the next day and said that she had overdosed and died.”


You can watch some of the more emotional moments from the episode below.

And please, if you or a loved one are considering entering treatment, make sure to seek out a qualified and accredited facility.



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