Steven Tyler Surprises And Inspires Recovery Graduates

Steven Tyler Surprises And Inspires Recovery Graduates

Whether they know it or not, celebrities wield a lot of power when it comes to addiction and recovery. Many times fans look up to their movie and music heroes, hoping to emulate their lifestyles (whether it’s toward the positive or the negative). Well we’re proud to say that Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is using his clout for the greater good and just this month, surprised a class of recovery graduates with some of his inspiring stories.


Steven has been on our radar for a long time. Though he’s definitely battled his demons, Tyler’s honesty and advocacy work has been incredibly powerful in steering people away from alcohol and drugs. His latest gesture happened on a much smaller scale, but (as the viral stories are illustrating) it made a big impact.


Over in Maui, Hawaii (where Steven has a home), the local drug court attendees were preparing to graduate from their program after completing their mandatory service. As they were finalizing their work in the courtroom, a surprise visitor entered, introduced himself and offered some moving words.


“My name’s Steven,” Tyler told the group. “I’m an alcoholic and a recovering drug addict. My hat is off to you. You’re my heroes here today because you have come from somewhere that I lived myself. To come out through the wormhole like you’re doing today is a true beyond-belief miracle. I’m so proud of you, each and every one.”


Not surprisingly, the group was stunned and thrilled to have the legendary rocker in their presence. And interestingly enough, so was Maui’s 2nd Circuit Chief Judge Joseph Cardoza, who welcomed Tyler and thanked him for his time. Steven also made a point to acknowledge Cardoza and the work that his team has done to help people struggling with addiction.


“I’m honored, so honored to be surrounded by such higher-ups—Judge Cardoza and everybody here who, back in my heyday, I would have been scared to death of,” Tyler added.


When asked about his sobriety regimen, Tyler shared passages from a Daily Reflections book that he has kept by his side since the late 1980’s. He acknowledged that recovery is a very individualistic experience and people need to choose a route that is right for them and makes them feel comfortable. Tyler revealed that 12-Step was essential to his recovery and acknowledged having multiple sponsors throughout the U.S.


In the end though, he took a very humbling view of the journey that got him through addiction and took time to talk to each attendee about their struggles.


“I want you guys to know that music is not my proudest achievement,” he concluded. “It’s nothing compared to being sober and it’s nothing compared to having my kids love me.”


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