Sober SoCal Weekend: Labor Day Edition

Sober SoCal Weekend: Labor Day Edition

Followers of our Valley Recovery Center blog are well aware of our Sober SoCal Weekend series. Here, we proudly profile great local activities that do not promote drug or alcohol use. And this time around, we’ve a got a bonus day to work with as we head into the last “official” break of summer…better known as Labor Day Weekend!


Los Angeles Fleet Week

The Port of Los Angeles will be holding an amazing Fleet Week festival for the entire Labor Day Weekend. There will be everything from aircraft carrier tours, to high-flying plane demonstrations. Guests will also be able to explore the city’s legendary Maritime Museum and listen to lectures from decorated U.S. Naval Officers. Music and food will be on hand too, complete with patriotic themes. And the best part? Ticket sales go towards the armed services, which means you’ll be supporting the men and women who are putting their lives on the line to protect the country.


The L.A. County Fair

A local tradition for decades, the L.A. County Fair offers a wide variety of activities for sober thrill-seekers. There are high-rising carnival rides, fantastic live bands (including a lineup of 70’s “old school” heroes on September 2) and some of the tastiest eats in SoCal. This year is also bringing some brand new exhibits, including Historic Trains, Drought Tolerant Farms and Jurassic Planet. A great outing for families or first dates, it packs a lot of adventure for a reasonable price. Kickoff weekend tickets run just $20. Make sure to visit their official Fair site for all of the details.


Union Station Concerts

Fans of Downtown L.A. should definitely check out Saturday’s Union Station Concert. This ongoing series is absolutely free and features tasty food and amazing live jams from artists like Spencer Ludwig and Bryce Fox. Guests can also tour the city’s historic Olvera Street located right across from the Station. And if you’re feeling extra ambitious, check out their train schedule and perhaps book a day trip to San Diego or Ventura County.


Fishing On The L.A. River

Though it may sound strange, there are actually Labor Day fishing expeditions happening around our own L.A. River near San Fernando Road. Titled “Off Tha Hook,” this Saturday outing is now in its third year and lets guests participate in a supervised catch and release competition. Pay $35 and you’ll get bait, a basket and your own fishing pole. Experts will be on hand to measure what you reel in and classify every fish caught. Kids can participate too (for free) and several seafood stands will be set up to provide tasty eats throughout the afternoon.


Labor Day Pet Adoptions

At Valley Recovery Center, we have seen tremendous success with our pet therapy programs. And for anyone new to sobriety, having a four-legged friend can be extremely beneficial. They provide love, support and can even serve as an inspiration during challenging times. That’s why this weekend, we are proud to tout Mission Hill’s Best Friends Animal Society. They’ll be open Saturday and Sunday, with special pet adoption events highlighting both cats and dogs. It could make for a great excursion and a great opportunity to bond with a new BFF.




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