‘Sober Saturday Night’ Shoots Up The Music Charts

‘Sober Saturday Night’ Shoots Up The Music Charts

People say country music has some of the most expressive lyrics of any format. Typical tracks cover topics like divorce, depression and economic hardships. Rising artist Chris Young took his words one step further, crafting an anthem of recovery with his new single Sober Saturday Night.


Already a viral smash, Sober features Chris’ powerful vocals and guitar, along with country legend Vince Gill. Throughout its three-and-a-half minutes, the emotional track spews out lyrics like “I’m not out there getting high.” It also profiles the narrator’s struggle, with a chorus that goes, “I’m just getting over another sober Saturday night.”


The single has already cracked the Top 40 Country Charts in the U.S. and is even making a dent in countries like Australia.


As Young explained to TheBoot.com, Sober is quite personal to him and writing it came very easily,


“One of the guys sat at a piano and started playing these chords, and we started writing the song, and it just fell out. From the day we wrote it, it’s been one of my favorites. I’m really glad it’s a single.”


We’re hopeful songs like this can inspire others to embrace Sober Saturday Nights. You can hear the track in its entirety below.


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