‘Saturday Night Live’ Criticized For Heroin Skit

‘Saturday Night Live’ Criticized For Heroin Skit

Laughter is an essential element of recovery. But, laughing “at” an addiction or satirizing people suffering does cross a line. As we’ve mentioned previously, there is a massive opioid epidemic happening in the country right now. People are dying, families are being torn apart and government officials are even stepping in to take action. In our opinion, this is not a topic to poke fun at…But Saturday Night Live seems to feel differently.


Over the weekend the NBC comedy show aired a “Heroin AM” sketch, comparing hardcore opioids to ordinary cough medicine. Housewives, soccer coaches and business people laughed about their habit and proudly touted a pill that can give them their “fix” during the morning hours.



Not surprisingly, the faux commerical has already received a large amount of backlash. One woman, Renee Cotton, took her opinions to Change.org and started a petition to get the network and SNL producers to apologize.


“[The skit showed] utter disrespect to those currently struggling daily with drug addiction and to those who have lost someone to heroin previously,” she wrote.


Cotton also created a social media hashtag (#takeitbackSNL) and opened a comments section, which has triggered some emotional responses.


“I have lost 2 of my 3 sons to heroin,” one responder wrote. “It is NO laughing matter. This was downright cruel ……..”


So far, the petition has gathered over 9,000 online signatures. Hopefully it will make people in the comedy world take a second look, before writing hurtful and insensitive material.

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