Salvation Army Offers Recovery Assistance

Salvation Army Offers Recovery Assistance

It is incredibly inspiring to see mainstream organizations embrace the concept of recovery. And despite being over 150 years old, the charitable Salvation Army organization is restructuring to do just that. Known for their work with the homeless and unemployed, the Army is now extending its services to help those battling addiction.


Dubbed Renewal Place, the Army’s new sect is having its soft launch in the city of Memphis, Tennessee. There, people struggling with dependencies have the option of entering their treatment program free of charge.


It is currently structured as a two-year residential facility, catering specifically to women who are working to end their addictions. And, as several local outlets have reported, it has become a saving grace for mothers in low income communities.


“I love Renewal, yes. I learned so much at Renewal,” interviewee and recent Renewal Place grad Terri Hines told the local CBS station. “The most important thing was I was able to get up and go to intensive outpatient therapy downstairs. I had counseling session on Wednesdays. I had alcohol and drug counseling on Mondays and Tuesdays.”


The Salvation Army Renewal Place program takes place under one roof and offers food, childcare and counseling for its clients. Fees are covered through donations allocated from the Army’s general fund (which is collected in red kettles, typically outside of supermarkets).


As Terri was able to demonstrate, there has recently been a lot of success coming out of this program. She had previously been abusing opioids, which led to an incarceration and a baby daughter born with an addiction. Renewal Place was able to change all that, allowing Terri to get clean, support her child and continue her education.


You can watch CBS’ full segment, featuring Terri’s interview, below…


We understand that recovery can be a costly experience for some and addictions are certainly becoming more common within lower income communities. Hopefully programs like this can make their way to other states across the U.S., offering hope, support and successful recovery options for whomever may need it.


To learn more about the Salvation Army’s Renewal Place, make sure to visit their official site. Donations are also being accepted on their web page.



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