Recovery Advocates Share Their Stories In Vegas

Recovery Advocates Share Their Stories In Vegas

The city of Las Vegas has become known as a leading destination for conventions and events. Whether it’s the CES electronics show, the SEMA car summit or some big pow wow in the heart of Caesar’s Palace, you can usually find at least 2-3 major happenings a month near their famous strip. Well this February, a different kind of get together took over the town. It was the fifth annual Black Monday event, organized by the nonprofit There Is No Hero In Heroin Foundation.


Emphasizing recovery, hope and addiction survival, it drew hundreds of attendees from across the country and had plenty of notable speakers. Facing Addiction leader Ryan Hampton offered inspiring words at the kickoff.


“We must not let the power of recovery go unnoticed,” Hampton told the Monday crowd. “We must show that it works. Every single person in this room is living proof that the crisis in front of us is not an insurmountable task.”


Black Monday was also open to younger attendees, working to educate teens and coeds about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Representatives from Nevada’s Clark County School District offered their own stories and showed pride through a local “Students Fighting Addiction” program. Though it’s difficult to hear, many of the teens in the program have already battled serious dependencies. The good news is, they’ve made it to the other side and now act as role models for other high schoolers.


“If it weren’t for [our ‘Students Fighting Addiction’ program], I know many of us would either be dead or homeless right now,” student Khara Greenwell explained from the Black Monday stage. “These counselors, teachers and recovery advocates see us as human beings.”


Certainly the No Hero In Heroin Foundation deserves a lot of credit for this movement too. They put tremendous effort into spreading the word and creating a viral community that can continue the Black Monday experience online. Even more moving, their site includes a Memorial Page and special tributes to the countless Vegas citizens who have lost their lives to addiction.


So even if many of us couldn’t actually be in Vegas for the one-day event, No Hero In Heroin has helped bring the experience home. Through a series of hashtags (#BlackMonday2017) and viral videos you can see just how much of an impact an summit like this can have.


Click below to see how successful the movement was in 2016…

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