Recognizing National Addiction Recovery Month

Recognizing National Addiction Recovery Month

As most VRC readers probably know, this is the start of a very important month for people in our field. From the 1st through the 30th, September is officially recognized as National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month (NADARM). And though we want it to receive as much attention as possible, this year it is getting highlighted for some disheartening reasons; specifically, the rise of the nation’s opioid epidemic.


President Donald Trump, himself, made a point to emphasize NADARM in a White House press release. In it, he emphasized the 20 million Americans who are currently battling addictions. He also drove attention to drug trafficking, pledging to put $2.6 billion of his 2018 budget proposal towards border security (which, he claims, will hurt the flow of incoming narcotics).


“During National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month, we stand with the millions of Americans in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, and reaffirm our commitment to support those who are struggling with addiction, and their families and loved ones,” Trump wrote. “Substance abuse robs Americans of their potential, shatters their families, and tears apart our communities.  My Administration is committed to lifting our Nation from this tragic reality.”


Elsewhere, the month is garnering attention on social media with the shortened  #RecoveryMonth  hashtag and online handles that drive to educational websites. The official Twitter page, in particular, has been keeping current with multiple daily posts that offer inspiration and resources.


The National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) website also provides a large amount of resources that explain the history and purpose of this important monthly declaration. One very powerful tool is the downloadable PDF the site offers, which can be shared with anyone battling a dependency.


Technically, NADARM has been happening for over 27 years (though Donald Trump takes official credit in his press release). As told by NAADAC, it aims to highlight the achievements of individuals who have reclaimed their lives in recovery and honors the programs that help make that possible.


Each year comes with a different theme and for 2017, the organizers have chosen to focus on Strengthening Families and Communities. It is certainly a powerful message and one that has relevance for the opioid crisis, as families continue to be impacted by addicted loved ones.


NAADAC also links out to sharable resources to help anyone become a champion for the cause. One option is sharing the new 2017 PSA’s, which tap into the current theme and easily upload to social media.


Below is one their current Connections clips, which promotes community cooperation.


We encourage everyone to participate in this important movement and help spread the word about the power of recovery!



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