Photo Chronicling ‘600 Days of Sobriety’ Goes Viral

Photo Chronicling ‘600 Days of Sobriety’ Goes Viral

Sometimes inspiring moments happen in our own backyard. And sometimes they happen halfway around the world. Australia native John DeCaux got the recovery world buzzing this week with an impressive viral photo that chronicled his “600 Days of Sobriety.” Highlighting a dramatic before-and-after pic, John’s inspirational message has now reached millions of people across the globe.


In John’s case, the demon he successfully slayed was alcoholism. After a tumultuous drinking battle which consumed his teens and 20’s, John made a point to go cold turkey; a choice he said was inspired by his new wife.


“My final-straw moment for me was when my wife approached me and showed me how much alcohol I was consuming and said enough was enough,” the 27-year-old told Yahoo News.


John initially took his message to the social media network Reddit (which we have profiled numerous times in our blogs). Creating a subreddit folder titled “600 days ago I quit drinking and life has never been better!,” John detailed the positive changes that have happened since he drank his last drop back on April 16, 2016.


His dramatic “selfie” gallery (pictured above) shows the former John as an overweight, unkempt and unhealthy young man. In contrast, his December 2017 pic shows a clean shaven, lean and beaming recovery advocate who literally looks like he’s shaved years off his life.


John credits his wife Lydia as the catalyst for the change. Her devotion to his sobriety included removing all alcoholic beverages from their home and becoming a true support system during his hours of doubt. As John emotionally explained on his Reddit page, it was the loss of his brother that initially led him to turn to the bottle.


His motivating words have driven thousands of comments and led to heartfelt Reddit dialogues about overcoming addiction. As he proudly put on his page, John is now channeling his downtime into other interests and has found several positive outlets.


“Since I have stopped drinking I have regained time and energy that I have put toward working on a passion project, an online cooking show [and a] documentary series with my dad,” he wrote. “My wife and I have also bought a house. I have lost about over 38 pounds so far, and I’m now going to the gym at least 3 days a week.”


In regards to his newfound viral fame, John is incredibly proud of his ability to inspire others.


“This experience highlighted that alcohol was no longer controlling my life; I am now back in charge of my own decisions,” he added. “I’m really enjoying where I am in life at the moment and have no desire to ever return to drinking.”


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