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Valley Recovery Center is here to provide those dealing with addiction and their families with treatment, support, and guidance throughout the recovery process and long after. We offer a variety of treatment options to meet our patients’ needs, including 30, 60, and 90 day residential treatment. We also offer many aftercare services to provide patients with support once they finish residential treatment. Our treatment programs are tailored to the needs of each individual patient, and their treatment is overseen by our psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors.

Customized Treatment Plan for your Recovery

Treatment includes many different therapies and programs, all designed to help our patients understand their addiction and make the changes that will enable lasting recovery. Individual therapy is crucial to recognizing addiction, dealing with underlying issues, and planning for a sober life. In addition to one on one therapy, patients will also take part in group counseling, family counseling, additional programs (like art therapy), and recreational activities. We offer a variety of group therapy options to meet the diverse needs of our patients, such as 12-step groups and groups focused on addiction triggers.

30-Day Program is a great way to start

The residential treatment options we offer are designed to provide patients with treatment that takes their addiction history into account and fits into their lives. The 30-day program is a short-term approach. It’s a good choice for those who aren’t heavily addicted and who have a limited amount of time available, but who still need thorough treatment. Patients in the 30 day program will undergo detox if necessary, and they will work with our team to understand their addiction and begin to make the changes needed for recovery.

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More extensive plans available

The 60 day program offers patients a more extensive program. They will detox and heal physically from their addiction, and they will have time to come to understand their addiction and its consequences. In the second month of their treatment, they will learn to change the behaviors that contribute to addiction, putting them in position to handle temptation in the future. The 90 day program is ideal for those who are heavily addicted. They will have time to thoroughly detox and heal, understand their addiction, and change their behaviors. They will also be able to really lay a solid foundation for life after treatment, putting them in the best position to maintain their recovery.

Treatment begins with a custom evaluation

When a patient enters treatment here at Valley Recovery Center, they will be evaluated as part of determining the treatment plan that will meet their individual needs. The evaluation will also factor in their medical history and their history of substance abuse. This helps our team really understand the issues our patients are dealing with, so our staff can provide the care and support that we believe is vital in achieving lasting recovery.

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