New Org Offers To ‘Test Drugs’ At Major Concerts

New Org Offers To ‘Test Drugs’ At Major Concerts

It’s a sad fact, but overdoses are not that uncommon at major concert festivals across the country. Often times deaths aren’t caused by doing too much of a drug, but rather taking something too potent (or laced with dangerous chemicals). Well now, a new nonprofit is offering to “test” the substances of concertgoers to ensure they’re safe for use.


Not surprisingly, the measure (performed by an organization called The Loop) is gaining a ton of controversy. Many say programs like this will encourage drug use at festivals. Proponents, however, argue that this being done for safety and that concertgoers would most likely use the drugs anyway.


As recently as last July The Loop set up a tent at London’s famed Secret Garden Party, letting partyers anonymously drop off their drugs for review. Their lab tested hundreds of chemicals that claimed to be cocaine and ecstasy, only to discover they were much harder substances; such as MDMA Crystals.


Though in theory The Loop seems to have good intentions, we would prefer the drugs not be given back. No matter how “safe” a bag of cocaine is deemed, there is always a risk of overdose…Especially since every person can react differently.


Apparently after hearing about the operation, new British Prime Minister Theresa May agreed, stating:


“If somebody has purchased something that the state has deemed illegal, it’s not then for the state to go and test it for you.”

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