New Campaign Uses Disney Princesses To Address Addiction

New Campaign Uses Disney Princesses To Address Addiction

In the past few decades, advertisers have used some eye-catching material to shed light on addiction. Famous campaigns have included frying eggs in a pan, plastering mug shots across bus stops and many more. Now, however, a female photographer named Shannon Dermody has taken things to a whole new level. To help raise awareness about topics like drug use and alcoholism, she has decided to highlight strung out Disney Princesses!


Not surprisingly Shannon’s graphic gallery has gone viral, attracting the attention of many mainstream news sites. One picture that has drawn a ton clicks portrays Disney’s Brave heroine, Merida, sticking a giant needle in her arm. All that’s written below is the word “heroin,” clearly referencing the nation’s growing opioid epidemic.

Obviously a picture like this is not meant for children and we’re sure it will ruffle feathers within the Disney corporation. But regardless of the character or the silky green dress, it clearly illustrates how upsetting this type of addiction can be. Dermody made a particular point to shoot this one in a dingy bathroom, taking away all of the glamour and allure users may think this drug has.


The beloved Disney icon Snow White is not safe from this gallery either. Shannon chose to portray this legendary princess as a passed out alcoholic. Here you see her slumped over on a mattress, surrounded by empty liquor bottles.

As with the previous shot, you’ll notice how all glamour is removed. The lighting is dark and ominous, the rosy red cheeks are M.I.A. and the vibe is overwhelmingly somber. This is clearly intentional and it hammers in a strong point.


One final addiction-related pic concerns marijuana and the dangers of smoking. Using the likeness of Princess JasmineDermody shows an obviously inebriated princess, drowned out in a haze of fumes. Complete with dark circles under the eyes and paraphernalia strewn about, it’s a haunting pic that will certainly create uneasiness among Aladdin fans.

And that is only the tip of the iceberg. Shannon’s other works for this gallery include a Beauty and the Beast shot highlighting domestic violence, The Little Mermaid surrounded by water pollution and, perhaps one of the most disturbing of all, Cinderella chained up and beaten to represent sex trafficking.


All of Shannon’s portraits are viewable here, but (as we mentioned before) they are rather graphic and not for the eyes of children. Will they ultimately make a dent in the nation’s addiction problem? We certainly hope so and we wholeheartedly support any artist who uses their craft to bring attention to this terrible disease.


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