In-N-Out Burger Joins The Addiction Fight

In our home state, In-N-Out Burger reigns supreme when it comes to signature California cuisine. And recently the local fast food giant took a major step in the addiction fight, launching a site and foundation dedicated to supporting people battling alcohol and drug dependencies. Beyond that, for the month of October In-N-Out will match customer donations by three to one!


Slave 2 Nothing is the name of the org that the chain set up to spread the message. Divided into two segments, it exists to support people dealing with dependencies, as well as those impacted by human trafficking. The main In-N-Out site links out to the Slave web page, which proudly proclaims its mission statement the second people click through.

“The Slave 2 Nothing Foundation’s mission is to help those throughout our country who are enslaved by any person or substance, by empowering them to live free,” the page reads. “We fulfill our mission by providing financial support to organizations in our communities that assist individuals and their families to gain freedom and healing from substance abuse. We also work to create, educate, and assist with solutions to eliminate human trafficking.”


The burger chain has also been in the midst of a heavy social media push, sending messages across its Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages to bring awareness to the cause. Physical locations have been part of the movement too, with in-store posters and placemats that highlight the Slave 2 Nothing message.


Visitors to the Slave site are also privy to a wealth of resources and metrics related to the country’s addiction crisis. One heavily highlighted stat revealed that 8.3 million U.S. children under the age of 18 live with a substance-abusing parent. The is also a chart highlighting three key pillars to fighting dependencies. Component one is Prevention, as in stopping more young people from using. Component two is Treatment for those who are suffering and in need of recovery. And component three is Support, which emphasizes the continued assistance for those who have overcome their addictions.


We, for one, applaud In-N-Out for taking such an aggressive stance. It’s no secret that millions of Angelenos (and tourists) pass through their doors and drive-thrus every years. Putting this message front and center can hopefully make a significant difference. And the 3-to-1 donation matching of up to $250,000 is simply icing on the cake!