‘LA Weekly’ Profiles Recovery Gone Wrong

‘LA Weekly’ Profiles Recovery Gone Wrong

We are extremely proud to be in the recovery business, continuing a tradition of health and wellness. But, as with any industry, there are always bad apples that take advantage of the clients they service. Such is the case with Community Recovery founder Chris Bathum, who (according to the LA Weekly) has done much more harm than good.


In a lengthy feature story, the outlet described Bathum’s rise to the top of a multi-million dollar business, servicing addicted clients in the lush surroundings of Malibu Beach. It also offered dark testimonials from former patients who accused him of sexual abuse.


The article goes on to reveal that Bathum is not a licensed drug counselor or therapist and is, in fact, a convicted felon. There are also accusations of drug dealing, poor facility conditions and fraud. Bathum did allow himself to be quoted for the piece, staunchly defending his practices.


“Our community is a little bit character-disordered,” he said. “It’s like this interesting, wildly gossipy, salacious weirdness. I mean, if I had a nickel for every time I was accused of something.”


Whether Bathum is guilty or not remains to be seen. But accusations like this (if true) can be tremendously troubling. We thrive on building honest, compassionate relationships with our clients. And the worst thing anyone in our industry can do, is take that trust and violate it.

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