L.A. County Releases New Opioid Awareness PSA

L.A. County Releases New Opioid Awareness PSA

Throughout our blogs, we’ve covered how the opioid addiction crisis is getting addressed on the national stage. This includes everything from declarations by President Donald Trump, to statewide legislations hoping to regulate prescriptions. But how is it being handled on the local level? In our home region of Los Angeles County, city leaders have put their efforts into a new PR campaign; hoping to educate and spread awareness.


To help put the epidemic front and center, the official Los Angeles County website has released a special Public Service Announcement video, featuring high ranking local officials. It is also plastering the message on its social media networks, which include Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo.


Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas posted about the PSA on his official Twitter page.



As did the official @CountyOfLA page, which highlighted the fact that the crisis is claiming 500 L.A. lives each year.



Of course all of the attention is going right to the video itself, which runs roughly four-and-a-half minutes and features the likes of L.A. Director of Public Health Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles Sheriff Jim McDonnell, Director of the Department of Health Services Dr. Christina Ghaly and City Medical Examiner and Coroner Dr. Jonathan Lucas. Each of them offer contributions from their respective fields, exposing both the medical and criminal ramifications of the crisis.


Sheriff McDonnell, for example, spends his segment discussing the training that local LAPD officers and first responders are receiving when encountering an overdose victim. He goes on to educate viewers about narcan and life-saving techniques people can use if they’re faced with this situation.


Dr. Ghaly relays the ER experience and how doctors are making themselves available for people experiencing addiction health crises. Listing off local hospitals and emergency numbers, she lets viewers know that medical support is always available.


Tragically, Dr. Lucas’ segment focuses on the increasing death tolls our city is facing. His office is vowing to share these fatal stats with prescribers, giving doctors painful firsthand knowledge of how dangerous opioid dosages can be.


We encourage our entire network to watch and share this important video. You can view it in its entirety below…


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