‘Know The Truth’ Brings Addiction Education To Schools

‘Know The Truth’ Brings Addiction Education To Schools

We’ve brought up the 1980’s D.A.R.E. initiative, and its proposal to return, many times before. But before that happens, there is actually another addiction education program taking the lead in states like Minnesota. That would be Know The Truth, a viral teen-focused recovery network that has been grabbing headlines for its work at high schools and colleges.


Know The Truth (or KTT, for short) has been active in Minnesota since 2006, but more recently grabbed the attention of several midwestern regions. This, of course, is due to the nation’s growing opioid crisis and the need to educate young people about the dangers of over medicating.


Since its launch, KTT has led over 10,000 school presentations about addiction and offered in-class speaking sessions, as well as “virtual incarceration experiences.” Yes, this program even goes so far as to simulate what life would be like for a drug user who gets sentenced to hard time.


The goal is to reach suburban America and the teens who may not truly realize the dangers of addiction.


“This is not a rural issue or an urban issue,” KTT reps wrote on their site. “There’s no stereotype of a typical drug user. The people affected by this alarming trend are our neighbors, our friends, our loved ones.”


To its credit, KTT claims to have touched over 300,000 students.  Their approach includes speaking sessions from actual recovery survivors, as well as lectures from doctors and professors. As they referenced in their bio, however, the biggest success comes from young presenters who join the program.


“We use a peer-to-peer approach, with presenters close in age to the students to share information about substance abuse and life-skills,” their writers went on to say. “In addition we highlight resources for when help is needed. We are relatable with students and successful in strengthening negative attitudes towards drugs and alcohol.”


A helpful video is also available on their site, profiling KTT’s manager Adam Pederson. You can watch it in its entirety below…


The KTT site also breaks down a large list of resources directed specifically toward students, parents and teachers (organized by category). There are educational links referencing everything from inhalant abuse, to suicide counseling, to shelters for runaways. The organization has a strong social media presence too, where interested students can live chat and connect with KTT counselors via Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more.


There is certainly a great deal of material out there from KTT. And even though they may not be based in California, they are an organization worth looking into…Especially if you’re concerned about a young person who may be battling addiction.


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