The Importance Of Daily Affirmations

The Importance Of Daily Affirmations

If you’re giving up a difficult addiction, every day can be a struggle. At Valley Recovery Center, we understand this and we always want to provide support to those who have graduated our programs or found their own way to slay their dependency demons. One technique that we’ve seen work extremely well is the inclusion of daily affirmations. What is that, you ask? Very simply, just a few words of encouragement to let somebody know that they’re not alone in their struggle.


One of the great things about the internet is that these type of affirmations can now occur digitally, and they’re happening every day. Through social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, recovery alumni can see helpful words of wisdom plastered on their smartphones and desktops.


We have found that Instagram is a fantastic outlet for sharing these types of messages. This particular site is based around visuals and lends itself to creativity. On our Valley Recovery Center Insta page, for example, we push out one inspiring post per day. These can range from famous quotes, to themes of the week (#MusicMonday being one of our favorites), to blurbs of advice for people questioning their sobriety.


Below are a few of our most popular (and favorite) selections…




This post doesn’t specifically address drug abuse or alcoholism, but you get the point. Symbolism plays a big role in affirmations. We encourage our followers to interpret each image as they may and share them with their respective circles.




This represents a different type of VRC affirmation, namely a cold, hard stat about the dangers of addiction. Many times people are unaware of all the dangers that come a drug dependency. Not only do you risk the possibility of an overdose, if you’re a heroin user there’s a chance that you can contract HIV.




A post like this offers a weekly bit of advice. Click the image and you’ll see some VRC words of “wisdom,” specifically; Whatever you’ve been through, there is always someone older and wiser to learn from. At Valley Recovery Center we have a long list of successful alumni, willing to share their experiences and offer support.




A picture like this offers a simple message of love and support. Sometimes you don’t need a lot of words for a daily affirmation. Just taking a moment while you’re scrolling through a feed to see and reflect on these words is enough.




And finally, we mentioned that we liked #MusicMonday, right? This was one of our most popular affirmations, taking Aerosmith song lyrics and providing a little inspiration for anyone struggling with their recovery. Frontman Steven Tyler famous battled and beat his addictions. So what’s stopping anybody else?


Our Instagram page publishes a new affirmation each day and we always welcome contributions and ideas from our followers. But don’t just use our feed. There are fantastic books, websites and apps full of daily recovery wisdom. We advise to keep this material constant in your life and, when you feel ready, to start writing special affirmations of your own.




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