‘Huffington Post’ Article Profiles A Life Without Meds

‘Huffington Post’ Article Profiles A Life Without Meds

The best way to beat an addiction? Never let it happen in the first place. We’re big proponents of preventative education and recently, Huffington Post contributor Sheenie Ambardar M.D. published a fantastic article about stopping a prescription med problem before it begins.


Also known as The Happiness Psychiatrist (via her site happinesspsychiatrist.com), Dr. Ambardar laid out 10 particular ways resist the urge to medicate. One key component was limiting time on social media. According to Dr. Ambardar, getting too dependent on sites like Facebook can lead to loneliness and a yearning  to escape via substances.


She also recommended journaling as an outlet. Keeping diaries can lower stress levels and create more of a balance in one’s life. Goal setting was another key component of Dr. Ambardar’s list. She believes that staying focused on achievable tasks can build focus and confidence.


Two of her factors that we strongly believe in are Quiet Time and Continued Happiness. The first is self-explanatory, allowing for reflection through practices like yoga and meditation.  The second requires more work, but is even more gratifying.


As Dr. Ambardar puts it,


“Happiness is a state of mind that takes practice, effort, and vigilance. You have to be willing to take a hard look at your life, cut out bad habits and people, and make changes in your own internal expectations and behavior.”


You can read her full list, by clicking here.

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