Hard Truths About Teenage Drug Use

Hard Truths About Teenage Drug Use

It’s no surprise to hear about teens and drug experimentation. Often times, it’s during the high school years when people are first exposed to narcotics like marijuana, alcohol and ecstasy. But according to a new study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, that experimentation is going much further in 2016.


This may be shocking to hear, but currently 8% of all eighth graders are using illicit drugs. And that number nearly triples when they reach the 12th grade. Narcotics like cocaine and acid garnered high percentages among high school seniors, with marijuana topping the list. Apparently 35% of the 44,000 students surveyed admitted to smoking it regularly.


And in today’s world, prescription drugs are playing a big part in teenage addictions as well. Currently, amphetamines are the most popular over-the-counter-pills for 12th graders, followed by Adderall and opioids.


There actually is somewhat of a silver lining in the conclusion of the study. Though drug abuse is still commonplace in high school and middle schools, it has actually lessened since the peak years of the mid-1990’s. Nevertheless, it always important to keep the communication lines open if you have a teenager in your household. If there’s a problem going on, help is available and your teen shouldn’t be afraid to talk to you about it.


We recommend taking a close look at this latest infographic and a closer look at those around you who may be impacted by it. (Click below for a full-sized version)



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