Festivals Like Lollapalooza Learn To Embrace Sobriety

Festivals Like Lollapalooza Learn To Embrace Sobriety

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, concert festivals tend to be prime destinations for drinking and drug abuse. But one the flipside, several major events, like this summer’s Lollapalooza, have begun encouraging attendees to steer clear of substances.


Prior to the Palooza kickoff, their organization launched a special new division called Lolla Cares. Here, organizers dedicated portions of their website and programs to environmentalism, education and, more importantly, sobriety.


Titled “Sober Side,” the Lolla Cares anti-substance initiative set up tents and support systems at the concert for anyone struggling with addiction.


“[Sober Side’s] simple purpose is to provide support and information to those who seek the comfort and camaraderie of other clean and sober people at Lollapalooza,” they wrote on their site. “The only requirement is a desire to stay drug and alcohol free at the festival. Though we consist mostly of people in recovery from alcoholism and addiction, Sober Side exists for anyone wishing to stay clean, sober and those seeking serenity and fellowship at Lollapalooza.”


The Sober Side Lollapalooza tent proved to be a huge success, welcoming concertgoers from all backgrounds. There, drug and alcohol-free patrons were encouraged to mingle, share sobriety stories and find people to lean on in case temptation struck.


We, for one, were thrilled with the organizers’ decision to create this initiative and are hopeful that more major festivals continue to do the same.

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